House of God, which is the
Pillar and Ground of the Truth, Inc.
Est. - 1903
Bishop Ivy Anne Hopkins - President General
Bishop James R. Sherman - Vice President General
Bishop Bertha B. Jones - Executive Administrator
Bishop Nelson E. Lewis - Executive Administrator
Bishop Jesse J. White, Sr. - President General Emeritus
Bishop Theodore N. Brown - President General Emeritus

Bishop Naomi Barber - Rhode Island/Massachusetts Diocese

Bishop Theodore N. Brown - Florida Gold Coast Diocese

The Late Bishop E. E. Carr - Jamaica Diocese

Bishop Levora Davis - Mid-South Diocese Assistant

Bishop Benjamin Drone - Ohio Western Diocese

Bishop Barbara A. Farmer - NJ Ward Diocese

Bishop Carolyn H. Glenn - Florida Atlantic Diocese

Bishop Ivy A. Hopkins - Pennsylvania United Diocese

Bishop Jerome M. Hubbard - Mid-Atlantic Diocese

Bishop George T. Howell - Mid-South Diocese

Bishop Kathy Hughes - New York Diocese

Bishop Jamaludeen Husain - Trinidad Diocese

The Late Bishop Henry Jeans - Global Pacific Diocese

Bishop Bertha Jones - Georgia Diocese

Bishop Nelson E. Lewis - Delaware Diocese

Bishop Clarence Parks - Outstreached Hands Diocese

Bishop McKinley P. Pompey, Sr. - Western New York Diocese

The Late Bishop James Ransey - Guiding Light Tabernacle District

The Late Bishop Preston L. Raper, Sr. - Maranatha District

Bishop James R. Sherman - Trinity Central West Diocese

Bishop Lillian Ward - NJ Ward Diocese Overseer

Bishop Lee Warren - Eastern Atlantic Diocese

Bishop Jesse White, Jr. - Southern New England Diocese

Bishop Carlton Williams - Florida Gulf Diocese

Bishop M. Mensimah Yalley - Ghana, West Africa Diocese

Mother Mary Magdalena Lewis Tate
Bishop Archibald Henry White, Sr.
Bishop James Houston Smith
Senior Bishop (1981 – 1986)
Founder and Chief Overseer
Senior Bishop (1929 – 1981)
Bishop Arthur Lee Warren
Bishop Jesse J. White, Sr.
Bishop David E. Drone
President General (2008 – 2010)
Acting President General (1986)
President General (1986 – 2008)
Bishop Theodore N. Brown
President General (2010 – 2018)
President General
Bishop Ivy Anne Hopkins
President General (2018 – Current)